Change: It’s Scary, Exciting, and Inevitable. How Burnt Creative is in the thick of it…

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Good morning, friends.

When I set out on this adventure a year ago, I forced myself to sit down, do some research, and write a business plan. I had no idea what I was doing. The business plan I wrote is definitely not good enough to “take to the bank.” And it already needs revamping.

I set everything on a five-year timeline with mini-goals along the way and an end-goal of transitioning the Burnt Creative Markets into a permanent retail boutique. Most of the intermediate goals pertained to my own studio business: blog features, magazine placements, wholesale accounts.

While my studio business is certainly seeing growth, it’s happening slower than I planned. And the ultimate goal of opening a retail shop five years down the road is creeping, or should I say racing, closer with each passing day.

It turns out, all the little dreams associated with my crafting are more difficult to achieve than my big dream of owning a boutique. However, the slower pace has had its own rewards. I think that last bit bears repeating.


It’s not easy or quick to pave your way in this world as a handmade artisan, the difficulty of which makes its small and steady victories all the more rewarding.


So what changes are on the horizon for Burnt Creative???

The first couple of changes have already occurred: the website redesign + the creation of a separate Facebook Page for my studio business.


Next up…

- The appearance of a Burnt Creative Studio product in the September issue of Southern Living Magazine.

- Moving my studio to a larger space outside my home and revolutionizing my production process.

- Growing the street markets, particularly the vintage side of things.

- A boutique???
You’ll have to stay tuned (because I don’t know yet either) to see how that one turns out.